Eye Specialist in Sherrill

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Dry Eyes in Sherrill

Eye Specialist in Sherrill
Eye Specialist in Sherrill

Dry eyes, while more of a challenge in the winter months, are a year round problem. Here at Allen Eye Associates, you can expect to get relief from the discomfort and symptoms that develop as the result of having dry eyes.

Under normal circumstances, your eyes produce a sufficient amount of tears and of a high enough quality such that your eyes are kept sufficiently lubricated all the time. If you’re suffering with dry eyes, then it means that either the amount of tears being created is too little, or the quality of them is poor. It could also mean both. Consult with our eye specialist in Sherrill. In addition to a thorough eye exam, two additional tests that are specifically designed to diagnose dry eyes may be conducted. One measures quantity, and the other measures quality. Neither is invasive, with one involving the use of blotting strips underneath your lower eyelid to collect tear samples, and the other consisting of specially dyed eye drops. For the majority of cases, artificial tears, in eye drop form, are good enough to solve the problem and get you feeling comfortable again. You can get them over-the-counter, or our eye specialist in Sherrill can prescribe a stronger version. Making some changes to your lifestyle can also be very helpful. Wear eyeglasses or sunglasses when you’re out on windy days. Avoid air-conditioned rooms. If you do not already have humidifiers in your home, it is a good time to consider adding them. The moisture they add to the indoor air makes a difference, especially in light of the dry air that heat is often responsible for creating. You should also avoid smoke, both your own and second hand.

Please contact our office and let us book you for an appointment to come in and be evaluated by our eye specialist in Sherrill for dry eyes.

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