Eye exam in Verona

Eye Exam in Verona

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Eye care office in Verona

Your eyes are invaluable assets and the health of your eyes affect how well you see and your quality of life as it relates to quality of vision. However, some people aren’t aware that their eyes are also the window to your health. This makes your eye exam in Verona not only a valuable tool to assess eye health but overall general health as well.

There are many diseases and conditions that affect your eyes and are often first detected by your eye doctor during your eye exam in Verona. Your vision and the health of your eyes are affected by numerous medical conditions. Because of this, your eyes tell a great deal about your overall general health and indicate diseases that you may not even be aware that you have. There are many diseases that can be detected during a regular comprehensive eye exam. Some of these diseases can only be detected by a professional eye doctor like ours at Allen Eye Associates. When you come in for your comprehensive eye exam, our expert eye doctor will look for signs of various serious conditions and diseases. Some of the serious conditions that affect the eyes include but aren’t limited to: metastatic cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, risk of stroke & Horner’s syndrome. Unfortunately, there are many people who have diabetes who are not aware they have it. Diabetes related eye disease causes hemorrhages in the retina. The eye doctor can detect it by looking for certain indicators during an eye exam. Tiny yellow deposits of fat blood cells that can be seen in the eyes are a sign of diabetes. Cancer that begins in one area of the body shows up in another area is called metastatic cancer. Sometimes metastatic cancer will first appear in the eyes. An eye exam can also let your eye doctor know if you have high blood pressure. Evidence of hypertension can be seen in the retina.

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