Canastota NY eye doctor

Canastota NY Eye Doctor

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Eye allergies in Canastota NY

Canastota NY eye doctor
Canastota NY eye doctor

If your eyes are feeling itchy and irritated, then you should come to see us at Allen Eye Associates. Our Canastota NY eye doctor, Dr. Matthew C. Allen, will determine whether or not you are suffering with eye allergies, or another eye problem.

Unless you have been diagnosed with eye allergies, you will want to visit our Canastota NY eye doctor to make sure that your eyes are being irritated by eye allergies, and that you do not have an eye infection; many of the symptoms are the same. When you have eye allergies, your eyes can be red, itchy, and watery, and have other symptoms as well. Eye allergies are caused by allergens in the air such as pollen, mold, dust, or pet dander. If you have eye allergies or an eye infection, your eyes may also have swollen eyelids. Eye allergies can also play a role in developing conjunctivitis and other eye infections. Conjunctivitis is an extremely contagious eye infection, which should be treated so you do not spread it to others in the household. There are certain things you can do for relief from your eye allergies. If you are allergic to pollen, you may want to keep your windows closed, and run the air-conditioning to stay cool. If the pollen count is high, it will benefit you to stay inside as much as possible. When you are outside, you will be helped by wearing wraparound sunglasses which will keep your eyes free of pollen and ragweed. Also drive with your windows closed to limit any allergen exposure in your car. Wearing contact lenses can attract airborne allergens, so you may want to wear prescription sunglasses when outside. There are some prescription oral medications and eye drops that can be provided for allergy relief.

For an appointment to meet with our Canastota NY eye doctor for a comprehensive eye exam to see if you are suffering with eye allergies or another eye problem, simply contact us today.

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