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Eye Exam in Rome NY

Eye health exams in Rome NY

Eye exam in Rome NY

Eye exam in Rome NY

Are you seeing as well as you would like? If you’re not, then this might be the perfect time to either start wearing corrective lenses or to update the ones you already have. That’s just one great reason to visit us once per year. You should also be screened for common eye diseases; ones that don’t have any obvious symptoms in their early stages. At Allen Eye Associates, we’re committed to your best possible vision and also your ocular health with our eye exam in Rome NY.

It’s all too easy to take the well-being of your eyes for granted. But by the time you being to experience symptoms that lead you to seek needed care, it may already be too late to reverse the damage that has been done. Your eyes can sustain harm or you could lose some degree of vision. And in the cases of advanced eye disease, sometimes the best that can be achieved is that you can avoid further vision loss or eye damage. And because of that, our eye exam in Rome NY is vital. Our eye doctor will take various tests, such as tonometry for glaucoma, and a slit-lamp exam for cataracts, as the foundation of determining the presence of those conditions. Others, like macular degeneration, are only applicable when you are age 40 or older. Likewise, diabetic retinopathy is a concern if you have type one or type two diabetes. Of course, your vision will also be gauged as part of our eye exam in Rome NY. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism can be corrected easily with a pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses. And if you currently wear them, bear in mind that your vision needs evolve over time. Updating your prescription can result in sharper and clearer vision.

Why not call us right now and book your yearly visit for our eye exam in Rome NY? We’ll arrange a convenient time for you to come in.

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